Traffic Calming Devices

At times, residents of St. Pete Beach may wish to have speed humps installed on their residential streets. If you believe that your streets has a significant issue with speeding or dangerous driving habits, and you wish to have a speed hump installed, please see the below information on how petition the City to do so. 

Speed humps will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, and only on local residential streets which meet the following: 

  • The street must be a local residential street.
  • The street shall not have more than one traffic lane in each direction.
  • The street must be at least 750 feet long, with no intersecting roadways in between.
  • The street is posted at or has a speed limit of 30 MPH or less.
  • 2/3 of the property owners of the block(s) shall concur with the installation of the speed hump.

Additionally, the City will evaluate the following when reviewing a request for a speed hump or other traffic calming device: 

  • The traffic engineering study has determined that the 85th percentile speed on the street is at least 10MPH over the speed limit.
  • The speed humps will not be considered within 250 feet of a traffic signal, within 50 feet of an intersection, in front of a driveway, within an intersection or adjacent to fire hydrants.
  • The speed humps will not be considered in, or on the approaches, to a horizontal or a vertical curve where visibility of the hump is restricted.
  • The street should not be located along a primary emergency response route, Regional Transit or school bus route and must be approved by the respective agencies for the installation of speed humps.
  • Installation of these devices shall not cause the traffic to divert to other neighborhood streets.
  • 100% concurrence from the residents and/or property owner immediately adjacent to the proposed speed humps.

If you wish to begin the process of petitioning the City for a speed hump on your street, please email Alaina Grundy - - or fill out the form below. 

Speed Bump Request

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