Downtown Core Complete Streets Study

Project Goals and Overview

In November 2022, the City of St. Pete Beach initiated a comprehensive visioning study to address the current limitations in the downtown core area's mobility infrastructure. The area's roadway conditions, which pose significant safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists, present a major hindrance to alternative mobility options. To align with our Vision Zero initiative, the study aims to create a safe, inclusive, and accessible transportation network for both residents and visitors. The study is being funded through a Complete Streets Program grant from Forward Pinellas, and the final outcome will be a Complete Street Concept Plan for the City's downtown redevelopment district and core area. This plan will serve as a guiding document for future mobility improvements.

Project Area Map

The project will focus on the TC-1, TC-2, and CC-1 zoning districtsStudy Area

Project Elements

Street Concepts

These streets concepts examples of potential roadway redesigns are intended to be adaptable to any street in the area. Use the arrows to flip through the concepts for 73rd Ave, Corey Ave, and 75th Ave.

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Focus Area Improvements

This exhibit provided specific recommendations for intersections and roadways in the Downtown Core area.

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Complete Streets Toolkit

These are different tools that the City can use in the Downtown Core to help improve the look and safety of the streets in the area. 

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Project Updates

Staff presented this study to the Planning Board on November 13, 2023 to receive any final feedback. After the draft study is finalized, Kimley Horn will present the study to the City Commission for approval. Please see below for past community engagement efforts. 

Past Meetings and Resident Engagement

Community Meeting - February 23, 2023

In February 2023, the City hosted a preliminarily community meeting to better understand the opportunities and constraints in the Downtown Core. We were able to talk to residents directly to better understand the issues and guide the vision for the area. 

Complete Streets Flyer  Small

Stakeholder Meetings

Following the initial Community Meeting, the City invited residents and business owners within the project area to volunteer as key Stakeholders. These dedicated Stakeholders actively engaged in two subsequent meetings, where they provided comprehensive feedback to both the City and the Consultants regarding the proposed improvements and concepts. By meeting with this smaller group, the project team gained deeper insights into the area's concerns and objectives and were able to tailor the recommendations to the area's needs.

Community Workshop #2 - October 17, 2023

On October 17th, the City hosted its second community meeting for the Complete Streets Planning Study. Residents had the opportunity to provide input and feedback on various aspects of the plan. The presentation by the Consultant and three exhibits showcased adaptable templates for streets in the Downtown Core, offering valuable insights for our community's future development. These concepts can be modified and applied to any street in the area, depending on the needs and uses located there. 

Complete Streets Community Meeting Flyer