Off-Street Parking Updates - LDC Division 23

Ordinance 2022-06: Off-Street Parking Updates (LDC Division 23)

In May of 2021, the St. Pete Beach initiated a study to review the City’s off-street parking requirements, as outlined in the Land Development Code, Division 23. To determine which parking strategies would best support pedestrian and multi- modal friendly land development, this study reviewed national and local best practices to determine which parking strategies were already in use in other municipalities.  

The City’s parking requirements were incorporated into the code in 2005 and have not been significantly updated since. In the past decade, many changes have occurred in the transportation and parking environment. The transportation and parking sector is in a period of transition, with modern technologies, products and services fundamentally shifting customer expectations and opportunities.

It was the goal of the City to bring the code up to date through this study and the recommended updates. A key task of the study was focused on receiving as much stakeholder input as possible. To best do this, the City held multiple meetings and conducted community and business surveys. To summarize the efforts: public meetings with the business and residential community were held, two surveys were distributed separately to business owners and residents with an input period of a month, two  workshops were hosted in December with the Planning Board and City Commission. We also received many resident emails and comments which were taken into consideration.  

Upon review of the information gathered on national and local best practices, parking data and public input, the study recommended to incorporate the parking management strategies below as way to help achieve the City's goals of pedestrian friendliness, alternate modes of transportation, and pleasing aesthetics. As such, staff determined that updates to the off-street parking ratios and design standards were necessary and included recommendations to those areas through Ordinance 2022-06. The major changes are as follows: 

  1. Allow available on-street parking within 800ft of a commercial property to count as up to 10% of the required parking for non-residential uses 
    1. City Manager can restrict this to prevent overuse of on-street parking spaces 
    2. Restricted to Corey Avenue, Upham Beach, and Boca Ciega Dr near the Community Center 
  2. Allow non-residential properties to apply for tandem valet, so long as the business submits a valet management plan to the city for review and approval 
  3. Allow for a 10% reduction in the total required parking if the business is in a walkable area: 
    1. Gulf Blvd from 35th Ave to 75th Ave AND Blind Pass Rd from 75th Ave to 81st Ave 
  4. Updated the required parking ratios 
    1. Added Multi-Family Residential category – 1 space per bedroom 
    2. Ballrooms as part of Transient Accommodations – 1 space per 600 SF / Stand Alone – 1 space per 300 SF 
    3. Additionally, updates were made to the following uses to bring the ratios into alignment with the ITE recommendation: 
      1. Bar / Nightclub (1 per 100 sf) 
      2. Retail / Convenience Store (1 per 300 ft) 
      3. Grocery Store (1 per 200 sf) 
      4. Transient Accommodations (.9 per TA Unit) 
  5. Expand the availability and flexibility of shared parking agreements to include: 
    1. Business to Public 
    2. Mixed-Use Projects 
    3. Business to Business 
    4. Business to City 
    5. All shared parking arrangements will require the submittal of a shared parking agreement for review and approval by the City. 
  6. Increased standards for pedestrian connectivity from the public right-of-way to store front 
  7. Increased landscaping standards for parking lots that cannot be located towards the rear of buildings 
  8. Increased required screening for commercial properties that abut or are across the alley from residential properties 
  9. In parking lots with over 50 spaces, up to 10% of the 25% allowed for compact spaces may be designated for Golf Carts, Scooters, or Motorcycles 
  10. Expanded the existing bike rack requirements to include all non-residential properties over 5,000 SF. 
  11. Removed all fee-in-lieu language 

Furthermore, the proposed updates to the off-street parking code supports and aligns with objectives within the St. Pete Beach Comprehensive Plan in several ways: 

  • City of St. Pete Beach’s Comprehensive Plan encourages the design of a walkable community that provides safe and comfortable pedestrian, bicycle, trolley, and other environmentally friendly modes of community mobility 
  • Objective 1.3 of Transportation Element within the City’s Comprehensive Plan outlines policy to develop land development regulations that strive for safe, convenient, and efficient multimodal parking and access ways 
    • Policy 1.3.1- The City shall enforce parking standards which provide for safe and convenient on- site traffic flow. 
    • Policy 1.3.3- Bicycle parking areas at shopping and recreational areas shall be encouraged. 
  • Objective 1.4 of Transportation Element within the City’s Comprehensive Plan, identifies policy directing the City's transportation system should emphasize safety and aesthetics 
  • The City shall enforce parking standards which provide for safe and convenient on-site traffic flow. 
  • Objective 1.5 of Transportation Element within the City’s Comprehensive Plan states - As an ongoing objective, the City shall encourage the utilization of a multi-modal transportation system as needed. 
    • Policy 1.5.2- The City shall continue to identify and encourage the use of bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation. 
    • Policy 1.5.3- The City shall review all proposed development and redevelopment site plans for the accommodation of bicycle and pedestrian traffic needs, when appropriate. 

At the February 28, 2022 Planning Board meeting, the Board members unanimously recommended Ordinance 2022-06 for approval by the City Commission. On March 22, 2022, the City Commission approved Frist Reading. Final reading of this ordinance will take place at the April 26, 2022 City Commission meeting.  

March 22, 2022 City Commission Presentation