Stingray Shuffle

Beach - StingrayFlorida coastlines attract a wide variety of rays- from butterfly rays to stingrays to manta rays- especially during the summer. Stingrays often travel together, and they lie and glide across the ocean’s bottom to feed. 

Although rays are not aggressive, they whip their tails, which have poisonous barbs or spines, as a defense mechanism and you will get stung if you step on them. 

Do not take big strides when wading or walking in the water. Instead, lightly slide or shuffle your feet out one at a time along the sandy bottom. This alarms stingrays, making them swim away and preventing you from getting stung. 

If you have been stung, flush out and soak the affected area in hot fresh water. It is uncommon, but some people may develop a severe allergic reaction to the sting and will require immediate medical attention.