Reclaimed Water Conservation

The St. Pete Beach City Commissioners want to know what you think about an upcoming Reclaimed Water Conservation proposal. The proposal is simple and our neighbors throughout the County already do it.

View our Community Survey FAQs (PDF)


During the dry season, we limit watering our lawns to 3 days per week and avoid the hottest part of the day.  

Misty Water Mascot with Sign

Did You Know?

It takes the wastewater from 5-6 households to water just one lawn

Reasons For Proposal

  • It's Easy
  • Avoids overwatering, Healthier Lawns
  • Waste not, want not
  • Helps the city keep up with rising water costs
  • Conserves reclaimed water which allows us to conserve drinking water
  • Minimizes loss to evaporation due to heat
  • Increases capacity for more users
  • Creates a better environment for all of us
  • Enables us to do our part

Efficient use > More people can use reclaimed water > Greater savings to our drinking water supply > A better environment for all of us!

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