To request an inspection, use the appropriate Permitting link below. Building Inspection requests require a contractor web code provided by the City. Please email us at to obtain your web code.

Inspection Request Policies

**No Inspections will be performed on Monday, February 19th due to the Presidents Day Holiday.  Any requests for inspection on Tuesday, February 20th must be entered PRIOR to 2:00pm on Friday, February 16th.  

The cut off for a next business day inspection is 2:00pm on the previous business day. If you enter a next day inspection after 2:00pm, it will not be rolled over. You will need to enter it again with a valid date.

Inspections are not performed on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.

NOTE: Due to our heavy inspection volume, we are not able to guarantee inspections will occur at specified time requests (am/pm).

To get an ETA for an inspection, 
please contact 727-363-9241 between 8:00 and 9:00am on the morning of the inspection. 

If you request an inspection and there are outstanding issues with the permit such as: expired permit, missing or expired NOC, unpaid fees (or red tags) and/or required subcontractors are not signed on, your inspection will NOT be scheduled. We will do our best to inform you of these issues by email when they come to our attention, but it is your responsibility to make sure everything is in order BEFORE you request inspections. NOTE: Please make sure the email address on file is correct, so you may receive important notices from our department. 

An inspection should not be requested unless all work to be inspected is completed. If the inspector is called to inspect incomplete (partial) work and must return later, a re-inspection fee of $150 will be charged. If the approved plans are not onsite or the inspector arrives and you are not ready for the inspection, or there is no access to perform the inspection, a penalty fee of $50 will be charged.

NOTE: Due to our heavy inspection volume, we are not able to guarantee inspections will occur at specified time requests (am/pm).


Please DO NOT enter inspection cancellations through the inspection request system. To cancel an inspection, please email and write "CANCEL INSPECTION" in the subject line. Requests received after 9:00am on the day of inspection may incur a $50 fee if the inspector goes to the property without prior notice.

Inspection Process

Inspections are an independent examination of construction activities by a person knowledgeable in building codes and the various building trades. Our inspectors confirm that actual job site conditions are in accordance with approved plans and verify that the construction materials are installed in a proper manner and in accordance with the approved plans and with the applicable codes.

Be sure to have the permit placard and the approved set of plans available in a conspicuous place for the inspector. It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide SAFE access to perform the inspection (set up ladders or scaffolding, operate lifts, etc). We do not carry ladders.

Changing Plans

Sometimes conditions on a building site or the job necessitate a change in what is shown on the approved plans. If this happens, revised drawings showing the changes must be prepared and approved by the plan reviewer prior to construction of the change. The division will make every effort to expedite the review of such changes. The approved revised plans must be on site for inspection.

Stop Work Orders

If work is begun without the required permits, the inspector may issue an order to comply (stop work order). Permits then must be obtained and any improper work corrected. The code provides that an investigation fee shall be collected when work has been done without the required permits. Stop work orders may also be issue on active permits for safety reasons or if city ordinances are violated.

Certificates of Occupancy

No building shall be used or occupied and no change in the existing occupancy classification or structure or portion thereof shall be made until the Building Official has issued a Certificate of Occupancy therefore as provided within the building code and the appropriate fees paid.

Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy shall not be construed as an approval of a violation of the provisions of the building codes or of other ordinances of the jurisdiction. Certificates presuming to give the authority to violate or cancel the provisions of either shall not be valid.

Temporary Certificates

If the Building Official finds that no substantial hazard will result from occupancy of any building or portion thereof before the same is completed, a temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued for the use of a portion or portions of a building or structure prior to the completion of the entire building or structure.

Certificate Issuance

The Building Official or his designee inspects the building or structure and finds no violation of the provisions of the codes or other laws which are enforced by the code enforcement agency. The Certificate of Occupancy shall contain the following:

  • The address of the building
  • The building permit number
  • A description of that portion of the building for which the certificate is issued
  • The name and address of the owner
  • The signature of the Building Official
  • A statement that the described premises has been inspected for compliance with the requirements of the building code for the group and division of occupancy and the use for which the occupancy is classified

Change in Use

Changes in the character or use of a building shall not be made without zoning approval, modifications to the structure, if required, and a Certificate of Occupancy issued.