Pool Regulations

Pool Staff will have the full authority to enforce these rules and regulations to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all pool patrons. 

General rules: 

  • All patrons entering the pool must pay the entrance fee, including spectators.
  • All patrons must shower before entering the pool. 
  • Proper bathing attire must be worn in the pool: no cut offs; basketball shorts or jeans are allowed in the pool. 
  • Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied and constantly supervised by a responsible adult (18+ years of age) 
  • All children not toilet trained are required to wear tight fitting waterproof pants with elasticized waist and legs over swim diaper. (available for sale at the pool office for $5) 
  • Food and drinks must be kept at tables and away from pool’s edge. 
  • No glass containers
  • No alcohol 
  • No diving in any areas of the pool
  • Keep stairs and ladders open for others and use them when entering and exiting the pool
  • Running, pushing, horseplay, and any other undesirable activities are strictly prohibited
  • No sitting or hanging on lane lines
  • No smoking allowed inside the pool area, there are designated smoking areas outside the gates. 
  • No animals other than registered service animals 
  • If pool staff states the conditions are unsafe during a storm, all patrons must exit the pool area immediately 
  • Lanes are reserved for lap swimming and swim test
  • Do not hang on basketball net or rim
  • Shoot basketballs only from the water and do not throw them into the bucket features 
  • Please use changing rooms to change, this includes changing children and diapers
  • Only coast guard approved lifejackets and puddle jumpers are allowed
  • The pool schedule may change to accommodate special events or activities
  • The City of St. Pete Beach is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
  • Please treat everyone with respect 
  • Noodle and kickboards are to be used for exercise only

Slides rules: 

  • All participants are required to take a swim test every day before using the slides. The test consists of demonstration to the pool staff the ability to swim 25 yards of front crawl 
  • 1 rider on the slide at a time
  • Riders must slide down feet first on their backs
  • Wait on the ground until the area is clear before entering the slide
  • Leave the slide area immediately
  • No masks or goggles on slide 
  • Warning: Water depth area is 6ft deep