Assistance Restoring Records

City of St. Pete Beach Seeks Assistance in Restoring Records

The City of St. Pete Beach is asking area contractors, engineering firms and property owners to help it restore data that was overwritten during a recent data security incident involving the City's computer servers. Property owners, contractors and engineering firms can expect calls beginning this week requesting copies of applications for building permits, architectural designs and plans, as well as other materials, for buildings within the city limits.

The City, which is required by state law to maintain these property records, has notified state officials and made several arrangements to facilitate this effort. These include creating a call center to contact property owners, architectural firms, and general contractors by phone beginning today. It has also created a secure procedure to upload large files in order to make the process as seamless and easy for property owners as possible.

The effort is expected to take place over several weeks and perhaps months.

Further Information

For more information please contact Bill Palmer via email

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Please do not upload current documentation for current permits. This upload is for historical closed permits only.

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